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Phil Coulson | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom

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After learning of Ian Quinn 's ties to the Clairvoyant , Coulson focused his team's efforts on finding and apprehending Quinn. [55] After the mission at . Academy of Science and Technology , the team was informed by John Garrett about some mysterious weapon in Jamaica. The team went to the town of Negril and found the weapon. After some skirmish with the guards they managed to get the weapon onboard the Bus and fly off. Once they examined the weapon, Skye was able to hack the weapon's code and track its origin to the remote town of Limoux , France. During the flight, Coulson had a video conversation with Garrett about the weapon and Garrett's former protege, Agent Ward. [56]

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Chasing after her, Coulson met up with May again and had her lower him down into the city so he could save Skye. Inside, Coulson was confronted by Alphonso Mackenzie whom he briefly managed to subdue. With Skye inside the chamber and no one else around, Coulson was confronted by Mackenzie again. Fortunately the latter was cured thanks to the Diviner being activated. Helping Mackenzie to his feet, the two watched as the city began to crumble. [65]

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Coulson asked Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter if they were listening, but they said they couldn't speak, since they were inside Gideon Malick 's plane. [88] Coulson followed Morse and Hunter to Russia , overseeing their actions from Zephyr One. On Zephyr One , Coulson listened in as Malick held a meeting with Russian leaders, discussing the Inhumans and the proposed sanctuary. Coulson and the team learned that the Russian minister of defense, General Androvich , was an Inhuman, and Coulson realized that Malick planned to use the minister to stage a coup and kill the prime minister of Russia , who did not support the sanctuary.

Returning to the Playground, Coulson confronted Fitz on his obsession to save Simmons. Coulson compared Fitz's loss to his own loss of Melinda May , who never returned from vacation months ago.

Upon arriving in the deserts of New Mexico , Coulson and his team discovered the crater site with the mysterious hammer at the center. [85] They labeled the object an 5-8-9 , and called in a team to analyze it. Though the locals have discovered the hammer before Coulson's team, no one was able to lift it or move it, not even with the help of their vehicles. Coulson and his men quickly set up a perimeter and a base of operations around the crater. [86] A professor who specialized in the fields of Norse mythology named Elliot Randolph helped Coulson and his group with discovering what the hammer was. [87]

They eventually arrived at Blake's safe-house which they found to be in darkness, so they began exploring with their weapons drawn ready for a fight. Coulson received from Johnson Blake's location, so he ordered her not to attack. Surprisingly, they soon found Blake in the basement, who drew a gun on the pair as Coulson noted how well he had recovered since his encounter with Deathlok. As Coulson told Blake how he was working for the ATCU now, Blake began ranting about how there had never been a . , just HYDRA and how . was now working with Inhumans , whom he called freaks.

Coulson visited Skye in the interrogation cell on the Bus , where she moved after the violent display of her powers. Coulson told her that they put her name on the Index , with which she was okay, because she managed to have some control over her powers. Later, Coulson had a conversation with Agent May and they decided to call May's ex-husband, Dr. Andrew Garner , a psychologist who specialized in working with gifted individuals from the Index.

Skye said she would send some agents to Thompson's location to protect him. However Coulson said that would be unnecessary and pushed Skye into the cell and trapped her, telling her he had to finish this on his own. Coulson arrived at Thompson's house and asked him at gunpoint if he was drawing the symbols in any shape or form. Thompson denied ever seeing them and indirectly revealed that Derik had beat him there, who then knocked Coulson out.

Fitz later told him that he had invented a device to trap Gordon in a single room. As Coulson discussed with Fitz and Simmons whether or not Calvin Zabo was prepared to join them on the mission, they were interrupted by the arrival of Lance Hunter and Melinda May bringing in the wounded Bobbi Morse. [9]

On Zephyr One , Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz explained to Coulson that Hive had created small organisms which had consumed the victims' flesh. Simmons theorized that the organisms also been used to reanimate dead flesh. Coulson looked at her shocked so Simmons explained she could not believe Hive was on Earth. Mackenzie approached Coulson and showed him a screenshot of Giyera in the facility. Coulson explained to the team that they needed to take Giyera with them, even though Giyera was also dangerous without his powers.

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