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The frost-giantess, Skadi , daughter of Thiassi, heard of her father's death. She immediately set out for Asgard with her weapon to attack the Aesir.

The Poetic Edda: Thrymskvitha - Internet Sacred Text Archive

During the comic 8767 s run, Superman got his hands not only on Thor 8767 s hammer but also Captain America 8767 s shield, making for a pretty iconic cover to the fourth issue. Superman was able to use Mjolnir once to deliver an important blow to the enemy, but later in the issue when he tried to pick up the hammer to return it to Thor, he could no longer lift it. The series 8767 writer Kurt Busiek defined worthiness as not just being an inherent quality but something that can change moment to moment. Sometimes it was tied to a specific action: defeating the villain was a worthy goal, so Superman was worthy then, but just handing the hammer back? Doesn 8767 t count.

Of Thor and Giants - Timeless Myths

Indomitable Will : Thor has shown to have a powerful force of will, so much so that he has defied the will of his father Odin, who is his king and is bound to serve him, on several occasions if he feels the need to do so. He does not back down from any foe, does not give into a fight and is willing to lay down his own life in defense of others. On occasion, he has demonstrated the will power necessary to overcome mental domination. [697]

Book Review: Neil Gaiman picks up Thor's hammer in Norse

76. Hard by there sat | the serving-maid wise,
So well she answered | the giant's words:
"From food has Freyja | eight nights fasted,
So hot was her longing | for Jotunheim."

Then Skirnir offered her the magic gold ring that will make eight identical rings of the same weights, every nine nights. This was obviously the Draupnir the ring that belonged to Odin. Again, Gerd refused the gift, because she had enough gold in her father's home.

Earth's citizens became increasingly wary of Thor, and the Consortium of Nations finally launched an assault upon Asgard that reduced it to rubble. In the disaster that followed, an enraged Thor lost an arm battling the humans and killed his other self, Jake Olson, finding himself no longer worthy of Mjolnir. [56]

Bor Burison (paternal grandfather)
Bestla (paternal grandmother, presumed deceased)
Mimir Burison (paternal great-uncle)
Odin Borson (father)
Gaea (mother/maternal step-grandmother)
Frigga (step-mother)
Cul , Vili , Ve (paternal uncles)
Nobilus , Ragnarok (clones)
Cronus , Demogorge (Atum) (maternal half-brothers)
Angela , Laussa (paternal half-sisters)
Balder , Hermod , Vidar (paternal half-brother), Tyr (paternal half-brother)
Loki Laufeyson (adoptive brother)
Hoder (paternal cousin)
Large extended family via Gaea , Loki Laufeyson and others

The Asgardian warhammer Mjolnir : Mjolnir is a symbolic weapon of Thor, a hammer forged from Uru metal, whose chief properties are durability, the ability to maintain enchantment, and absorb energies. Mjolnir resembles more of a short handle mallet than a traditional warhammer. Mjolnir itself is already extremely durable, and combined with the various enchantments placed upon it by Odin, is even harder. It has survived heat as extreme as the heart of the Sun, and blasts powerful enough to destroy planets.

Awesome Android, also known as Awesome Andy, is a robot built by an evil inventor called the Mad Thinker. Awesome Android was created as both a servant and an underling, someone to do the Thinker 8767 s bidding without asking any questions. However, he was also designed to be able to absorb the abilities and talents of others to become more powerful this had the unfortunate (for the inventor) side effect of making Awesome Andy sentient. He is able to be freed from the control of the Mad Thinker and strikes out on his own.

Eric Masterson has the makings of a very traditional heroic backstory: he was a very normal man who found himself in extraordinary circumstances and rose to the challenge. Eric was just a regular guy, a construction worker, when he came into contact with the God of Thunder. He was the collateral damage in a throwdown between Thor and the villain Mongoose, but Odin recognized Eric 8767 s intrinsic decency so he saved his life in the only way he could: Odin merged Thor and Eric into one person.

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