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The Unworthy Thor #5 Review - IGN

The Unworthy Thor #5 Review - IGN

Date: 2017-06-26 11:33

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After finally conquering the Destroyer, Thor went to a forge in Pittsburgh (of all places) and fixed it himself. That left him without a weapon for several issues. You could say Thor learned not to take Mjolnir for granted after that.

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We're sure Thor will find a way. After all, he has kind of a bad habit of losing and/or breaking his trusty weapon in Marvel's comic book storylines. Here are nine times Thor lost possession of Mjolnir in the comics.

After 65 years on Earth, Blake received a subconscious prodding from Odin to vacation in Norway where alien Kronans were preparing to invade Earth. Fleeing into a cave (which, unbeknownst to him, was also his birthplace) Blake discovered a plain walking cane in a secret chamber. When Blake struck the cane against a boulder, he transformed into Thor while the cane became Mjolnir. Thor fought against the Kronans and their invasion was thwarted. Tapping the ground with Mjolnir, Thor was able to transform back into Don Blake, holding the simple wooden cane once again.

After a battle between Asgard and the Egyptian god of death, Seth, which resulted in Odin triumphantly returned to the throne of Asgard, Thor began to suffer sudden and momentary bouts of weakness during times of stress. Travelling within Thor’s mind, Doctor Stephen Strange the Sorcerer Supreme, discovered an evil version of Thor present, derived from Loki’s evil residue which had manifested when Thor, Loki, and Odin had mingled their essences to battle Surtur. Thor defeated his evil alternate version within himself.

I didn't attend the critics' screening for "Thor" because it was at the same time Ebertfest was showing " A Small Act ," about an 88-year-old woman named Hilde Back. She'd flown from Sweden, and I wanted be onstage to present her with the Golden Thumb. Missing "Thor 8D" was not an inconsolable loss, because I was able to see it in Chicago in nice, bright 7D. The house was surprisingly well-populated for a 8:55 . screening on a Monday, suggesting that some people, at least, will make an effort to avoid 8D.

The story might perhaps be adequate for an animated film for children, with Thor, Odin and the others played by piglets. In the arena of movies about comic book superheroes, it is a desolate vastation. Nothing exciting happens, nothing of interest is said, and the special effects evoke not a place or a time but simply special effects.

Bruce Banner, a scientist on the run from the . Government, must find a cure for the monster he emerges whenever he loses his temper.

The Unworthy Thor #5 is notable not just for wrapping up this particular leg of Jason Aaron's Thor saga, but because it finally answers one of the most burning mysteries in the Marvel Universe. After three years of build-up, the revelations in this issue may not completely satisfy readers. However, in terms of furthering the central themes of Aaron's Thor run, this mini-series has certainly delivered.

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