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Marvel explains why Natalie Portman won't be in Thor 3

Marvel explains why Natalie Portman won't be in Thor 3

Date: 2017-05-02 13:04

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An arena which sees him face off against none other than Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) or, as he refers to him, "a friend from work" just some of that trademark humour that anyone who knows Waititi's work well will recognise. 

The Incident at Thor's Oak - The Pathology Guy

Another issue of What If…? brought Thor into contact with Conan the Barbarian, a sword-wielding character who existed in a time between cavemen and ancient societies. Both characters lived in similarly fantastical settings and were considered great warriors, making a run in between the two plausible. Thanks once again to Loki 8767 s troublemaking, Thor ended up in Conan 8767 s land Hyboria with a bad case of amnesia. Thor and Conan met and became fast friends thanks to shared interests, . being super tall muscular guys who like to battle.

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Having long promised Thor: Ragnarok will be Marvel's most " out there " film - a fairly ambitious feat considering all the movies about talking raccoons and tiny bug men - the first images from the film do actually hint Waititi is living up to his word: this film looks like wicked fun.

Thor: Ragnarok: First images show off Thor's new look and

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Poor old Jane, it seems will be left back on Earth staring up at the stars and wondering why he never writes, he never calls.

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As everyone is getting overwhelmed, Natasha is sent out to retrieve the hammer. There are no tricks or loopholes involved in her being able to lift it, aside from the general alternate universe theme of the story she is simply worthy of Mjolnir in that moment. Some have theorized that having the heart of a warrior is of great importance when utilizing Thor 8767 s hammer – it doesn 8767 t only require nobility and honor, but certain qualities that would be admirable to a society of Norse warrior gods. Natasha may have a morally grey background, but she is certainly a warrior.

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Who knew we could all get this excited about a third Thor movie, but we all have director Taika Waititi to thank for that.

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