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Energy Savings Scheme - Home

Energy Savings Scheme - Home

Date: 2017-05-02 18:44

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For tyres you can truly rely on, choose Michelin. As one of the world’s most iconic tyre brands Michelin provides you with the right tyres for your vehicle and driving needs, whether you drive a car, van or SUV.

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We respect your privacy. The information you submit to us is protected by the Michelin Privacy Policy. Michelin Australia, Inc. (""Michelin""), respects the private lives of the visitors and users of its Internet sites. This document describes the practices adopted by Michelin concerning personal data, including the circumstances in which it may be collected, the purposes for which it may be used, and the people for which it is intended. Each Michelin Internet site has a particular aim and has characteristics which are unique to it. If additional personal data acquisitions are necessary for a Michelin Internet site in particular, you will be so informed on the site.

MICHELIN Energy Saver | Tyres | MICHELIN

Tyres with reinforced sidewalls which support the load in the event of a loss of pressure. Reserved for vehicles designed for this type of tyre.

Michelin Energy XM2 Tyres | Michelin Malaysia

Your tyre size can be found on the sidewall of your current tyres. We can still show you some possible matches but without knowing the exact size, we can’t guarantee that they will fit your vehicle.

Our range of sports and performance tyres can improve your handling and safety on or off road, while we make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions with our tyre technologies. We all rely on our car tyres to keep our cars running safely and economically.

You can start searching by brand : you will need car details (available on your vehicle manual or license document) and tyre size. Or you can search directly by your tyre size : you can find it easily by looking on the designation (numbers / letters) on your tyres' sidewall.

Please provide all vehicle or tyre data to get the best match of tyres. Please refer to your vehicle's maintenance guide for recommended tyre pressures. Please ask a tyre professional to be sure of the tyre you need. Download Safety Infomation here (PDF 655k download). These are sometimes found on a sticker on the inside of the front door or fuel filler cap of your car. The documents and information contained on are supplied 'as is' and without expressed or implied guarantee.

Michelin Group Recognized by Forbes as &ldquo America&rsquo s Best Employer&rdquo in Automotive Industry for 7567 Michelin ranks No. 6 in Automotive Industry and 89th overall on 7567 list GREENVILLE, ., May.

Please help millions of other drivers make an informed tyre choice and pick the correct tyres for their car by submitting your review of the Pilot Sport 8 PS8 .

Michelin car tyres will keep your car running smoothly and safely. The Michelin brand can be relied upon to offer you maximum safety and performance at prices that suit your budget, giving you peace of mind every minute you're on the road.

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