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Marvel Cinematic Universe (Franchise) - TV Tropes

Date: 2017-05-02 21:59

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» Tom Biondolillo
Tom Biondolillo is currently co-creating a graphic novel adaption of Frenzy (Hyperion/Disney)- a fanged and furry summer camp horror- with author Rob Lettrick. For 75 years, Tom's worked as a comic artist, illustrator, concept artist, and storyboard artist for comics, cards, toys, RPGs, video games for well known companies.

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Katherine Barrell
Katherine Barrell has appeared in numerous television shows in both Canada and the USA. She has a strong love for comedy performance and studied improvisation at the famous Groundlings Comedy School in California. She is most known for her role as Officer Nicole Haught in The SyFy Network's Wynonna Earp.

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Robert Jimenez
Robert Jimenez's art can be seen in sets from Topps and Upper Deck, most notably the 8 paintings he created for Upper Deck&rsquo s Firefly The VerseStrangewise .

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For starters, Skurge isn 8767 t a typical villain. He 8767 s a tough, violent, and uncompromising warrior but that 8767 s led to him being as much of a help to heroes a hindrance over his comic book career. And since this shot reveals him unleashing what are distinctly  human firearms, it seems most likely that he 8767 ll be taking up improvised arms perhaps pulled from the space junk of Sakaar. Against who, you ask? Judging by his similarly gladiator-inspired costume , we would hazard a guess that Thor may meet at least one fellow gladiator with something to prove. Whether he survives the fight, and whether he truly is fighting on the 8766 good 8767 side of it remains to be seen.

On a more comedic note, Thor 8767 s hammer toss reveals a patch of wall behind him decorated with graffiti reading 8775 SKUX LIFE. 8776 It 8767 s a nod to director Taika Waititi 8767 s New Zealand roots, with the word being a bit of New Zealand slang for things that are cool, gangster, sharp, edgy, slick the word can be used in just about any context. Since it was used often in Waititi 8767 s recent  Hunt for the Wilderpeople , the word cropped up in plenty of interviews and press. Moving from a quirky, comedic hit to a Marvel blockbuster Waititi is most definitely living the 8775 skux life. 8776

Throughout the Segmentum Ultima , in , countless Ork invasions threaten to mass into a single colossal WAAAGH! The forces of the Imperium are stretched to their utmost to contain each individual war zone. Notable actions include Marneus Calgar , Chapter Master of the Ultramarines , holding the gate alone for a night and a day against the Greenskin hordes during the Siege of Zalathras and the 7nd Company 's utter devastation of Warboss Brug's planetary stronghold.

» Tony Shasteen
Tony Shasteen was the illustrator behind the Talisman graphic novel, co-written by Stephen King and Peter Straub, and 67 Gauge/Image Comic&rsquo s The Occult Crimes Taskforce (the .), co-created by David Atchison and Rosario Dawson.

It’s long been said that Doctor Who is meant to send you scurrying behind the sofa, but “Knock Knock” is the first time in a very long while something on Who managed to actually scare me in more than just a particularly chilling concept. The show builds up a lot of tension with all the knocking, the maudlin environment of the old house itself, and the classic trope of its cavalcade of cast members being slowly picked off one by one, But after discovering that Bill and her new friends’ rental house is host to an army of creepy alien lice—or dryads, as the Doctor nicknames them—the show ramped up into scare overdrive.

In the flurry of action in the trailer 8767 s last half, it 8767 s tempting to see Tom Hiddleston 8767 s Loki playfully tossing a pair of daggers, apparently preparing for a fight and simply fist pump with excitement. But more than any other shot in this trailer, the characters involved may reveal much of the overall story and which side of the fight he winds up on. For starters, those daggers are a new addition to Loki 8767 s arsenal, and seem to share a color scheme, at least, with Sakaar (or he 8767 s just not afraid of clashing). His back-up also demands some extra attention, since they are most definitely alien the one on the left, at least. Which raises a very unexpected question.

The lamentable campaign known as the Siege of Vraks occurs from 868-. The Apostate-Cardinal Xaphan leads the Armoury World of Vraks Prime into the service of the Ruinous Powers. As the forces of the Imperium arrive to quell the rebellion, they are immediately met in battle, followed by a rapid escalation of forces on both sides. The seventeen-year-long campaign ends in a full-scale daemonic incursion and, finally, the intervention of the Ordo Malleus and the Grey Knights. By the end, Vraks is entirely laid waste, its entire population exterminated.

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