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Thor awoke in a hospital with a doctor over him. Unaware of his surroundings, and misunderstanding the doctor's intention to take a blood sample, Thor attacked the hospital staff and security guards, taking on dozens before being sedated. He awoke again to find himself strapped down, but managed to squeeze out of the restraints and headed for the exit before being hit again by a car, again driven by Jane. Jane, Erik and Darcy took him back to their lab where Jane gave him some clothes.

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Thor retook his hammer and began to destroy the Bifrost Bridge as Loki looked on in sheer horror at what his brother was attempting to do. Attempting to stop him however he could, Loki reminded Thor that if he destroyed the Bifrost then he would never see Jane Foster ever again, but Thor ignored him and continued his task. Loki chose to leap at his brother to stab him in the back, but before he could, the bridge was destroyed and the brothers were thrown into the air.

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Thor was eventually announced to be the next ruler of Asgard by the current King Odin , as he was about to finally enter the Odinsleep after putting it off for so long. While preparing for the ceremony, Thor spoke with Loki as they joked about if Thor was nervous or not, which he insisted he was not before Loki mocked his helmet. Loki however assured Thor that he was still proud of his brother. [9]

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The order flashed nearly instantaneously through the fleets in close orbits around the planet. Knobs were spun and buttons pushed. Smoothly, on near-frictionless hinges, the bomb-bay doors of the battle wagons opened out like the petals of a flower seeking the sun or in this case, the planet Earth. Then, as naturally as plants releasing millions of spores, the cargoes of bombs were carried away as if by an unseen wind.

Captain America awoke and found a map of his location, using it to learn Montgomery Falsworth's location. As he made his way through the damaged base, he ran into another Screamer and defeated it. He then made his way outside and climbed the exterior of the base to the top of the mountain. He saw Red Skull arrive by helicopter, but just missed him and proceeded to locate Montgomery Falsworth. After using a radar dish in order for an airstrike to take out two tanks, Captain America located nearby AA cannons and used explosive putty to take out the obstacle. When he attempted to enter the base, one of Red Skull's men appeared and Captain America used a rocket launcher nearby to shoot it down.

Disheartened by Odin's orders not to seek out Malekith himself, Thor then devised a plan to move her even if he would then commit treason and in the worst case get them killed. Meeting Heimdall at one of Asgard's caverns, they discussed how Heimdall could no longer see the Dark Elves and the Bifrost Bridge had been closed off. Thor spoke to Heimdall about Malekith and the Dark Elves, noting that Odin's decision was a poor one made out of both his hatred and mourning, and requested Heimdall's aid in getting himself and Foster off world, if he could keep quiet. Heimdall agreed to help, despite knowing this action would be considered high treason. [7]

As he continued he spill out insults to his brother, Loki was then pushed onto a Asgardian Skiff flown by Fandral. Once Thor landed on the Skiff as well, Loki commented on how impressed he was that he had successfully tricked him. As Fandral helped the trio make their way out by attacking the Einherjar, Loki was able to fly the Skiff to a secret location where he was able to transport them out of Asgard and onto the Dark Elves ' home world of Svartalfheim. [7]

The diversion itself will not take that long.  With a few months lead time, the delta-V required is generally in the tens or hundreds of m/s, which given projected mass driver technology would involve the use of 85% of the object as remass at the upper end.  The power requirements will likely force this acceleration to be made over a fairly long period, pushing the lag even higher.  If the asteroid is diverted later, the delta-V requirements skyrocket.  At one month out, 6 km/s is passed, at which point about half of the asteroid is being used as remass.

The use of lasers against drop pods is a somewhat dubious proposition.  With proper planning of the approach, the pods will have a large thickness of atmosphere between them and the laser site, even when they are above the horizon.  A laser site will suffer from the same problems that a radar site does, as well as the issues raised by propagation through the atmosphere and potential problems penetrating the plasma shell around the pod.  This plasma would tend to absorb the laser, causing slightly more heating to the pod, but nothing more.  Even if the pod was still above the atmosphere, the fact that it has to be designed for the heating environment of atmospheric entry will mean that it will prove a significantly harder target than a conventional spacecraft.

Looking out into the distance, the group saw that the Destroyer had arrived in New Mexico having been sent by Loki to kill them. Although Fandral was excited by the idea of Thor joining them in the battle, Thor made it clear that he was now only human, promising to get all the innocent people to safety. Thor, Foster, Selvig and Darcy Lewis began to evacuate the town as the Warriors Three and Lady Sif formulated a plan to stop the Destroyer.

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