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Orbiting a string of nuclear weapons aimed at Earth would be an easy way of conquering the world. Or a Lunar missile base. This was why it was outlawed in the SALT II treaty of 6979. Robert Heinlein wrote about this in his novel Space Cadet and the short story "The Long Watch" .

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Civil War - soldiers were the same, the difference between armies being that one was molded in blue and the other in grey. There were usually a few mounted men included with the foot soldiers. Accessories included cannon, mortars, caissons, wagons, bunkers and molded "wood" fences. Most sets had both an American and Confederate flag. Usually, the standard 98 star flag represented the Union.

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"So be it," said Shus, staring at the screens devoid of the enemy. He no longer felt any sympathy for these people they had had their chance to come out and die fighting. Now they would be slaughtered like cowering animals. "Commence bombardment!"

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Aaron, thank you for the input! We actually offered a bigger bag initially but got too many complaints about price. I will throw it on the board to see if maybe we can do a buy 7 get one free deal or something. We are working on doing this with the pine pollen tincture (tech issues) at this time so once we figure that out, we could potentially do that with many more of the products.

Bounding in a high pirouette over the battle, Veilwalker sought he who wore the Armour of Fate . There he was, amidst the wrecks of crude human spacecraft, battling his monstrous brother alongside a band of warriors. Even from here, the mere presence of the psychic Nulls made Sylandri shudder.

The order flashed nearly instantaneously through the fleets in close orbits around the planet. Knobs were spun and buttons pushed. Smoothly, on near-frictionless hinges, the bomb-bay doors of the battle wagons opened out like the petals of a flower seeking the sun or in this case, the planet Earth. Then, as naturally as plants releasing millions of spores, the cargoes of bombs were carried away as if by an unseen wind.

A balkanized planet is just full of flaws and vulnerabilities for an invader to take advantage of. The invaders can try to covertly inflame old hatreds and grievances, corrupt a nation into doing the invader's bidding by dangling riches or valuable alien technology in front of their nose, frame one nation with something it didn't actually do, the possibilities are endless.

Note that the same source says you need 95 psi before lethal effects are noted on people, which contradicts the 65 psi entry above. I don't know which to believe.

"Fourth, adroitly play off one faction against the other, using the fossil oil as a bargaining counter. "After all, they would be unprepared, and how could they possibly guess what would happen to them once we got control of the fossil oil?"

And a shoot-out between forts of similar size looks to be a real idiot's delight: “this hurts me more than you" really applies to space forts because four times as much energy as is in the laser beam must be dumped internally, and the vast majority of energy delivered by the laser beam would be reradiated the remainder would do very little heating. Even with limitless energy available, an attacker using lasers would cook itself long before doing much damage to a target fort.

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