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World War I Interactive Map - Worldology

World War I Interactive Map - Worldology

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There’s never been a better time in history to Man-Up. Mike has given us wisdom for millions of sons from hundreds of fathers … Insight that can be a guiding force in any man’s life.

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Guns - a 77 caliber bullet will usually pass through Army Men doing little more than making a big hole. Unless it hits an arm, leg or head, which it will sever.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRP) or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) will either further lower or completely shut down your natural production of testosterone. If you ever decide to come off of the therapy you are likely to be in a worse situation than when you first started. Chemical dependence is not a wise or prudent first option.

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Cowboys and Indians - generally these included standing figures along with a few mounted on horseback. Cowboys and Indians were molded in many colors. Accessories included covered wagons, stagecoaches, cavalry forts, Civil War era cannon, tepees, a plastic campfire,canoes and plastic trees. Indians were mixed bag, as a set included figures with the accouterments of several tribes and regions. It was not uncommon to find Mohawks mixed among Sioux and Apaches.

A toy soldier is not necessarily an Army Man. Figures made of lead, tin, or other metals are not Army Men. With one or two exceptions, hard plastic figures are models, not Army men. Boxed sets of soft plastic figures sold by model companies are not Army Men, either (they're actually cheap scale miniatures - blah!)

When it comes to having high testosterone levels much of what you already have to work with comes from your long term diet habits. The foods we eat control who we are as humans, whether we’re big or small, strong or weak. Muscle won’t grow unless it’s fed a protein rich diet that’s high in calories.

Benefits from Specific Foods
Fruits like Pomegranates provide your body with a better ability to combat impotence. You can eat the fruit when it’s in season from your local market or simply pick up a glass of Pomegranate juice from the store.

You can use around 75mg of zinc daily, but it may be best to spread out usage to a few times a week. Try to take zinc with food for better absorption and limit masturbation. Masturbating excessively releases a lot of zinc through your semen and will leave you deficient if you are doing it too often (daily).

Most women with high amounts of testosterone will experience disturbances in their menstrual cycle. Some women may have a form of amenorrhea or her period may cease altogether. Other times, a woman may experience oligomenorrhea, which are light or infrequent menstrual cycles. Over time, changes to a woman’s menstrual cycle could result in infertility.

The book is not about testosterone itself. But since I 8767 ve been getting a lot of questions about testosterone (which makes sense as the book is named after it) I decided to make the remainder of the website about testosterone.

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