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Mavis Discount Tire | Michelin Energy Saver A/S Green X

Mavis Discount Tire | Michelin Energy Saver A/S Green X

Date: 2017-05-01 00:32

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Trading since 6967, this family owned and run business has become Surrey’s leading independent tyre specialist. We know tyres and we understand people.

Michelin Pro4 Endurance V2 Twinpack - Folding Tyres

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Michelin Energy Saver Plus - Tyre Reviews

For city cars, small to medium passenger cars and MPVs.
The Fuel efficient tyre without compromising on any performance.

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The Michelin Aglis Camping tyre is a premium tyre aimed at motor homes and recreational vehicles. This tyre has an extremely long tyre life, ensuring excellent value for money. Design and technology, such as the DCP (Durable Contact Patch), ensures a long lasting tyre for use over many seasons, no matter the weather conditions. When camping, you are bound to be carrying a lot of luggage in your vehicle. With the Michelin Aglis Camping tyre the tyre is strengthened to accommodate for this. A reinforced construction using two casing plies enables the use of higher inflation pressures to provide resistance to heavy loads.

The Michelin Pil Sport 8 tyre is a premium tyre which offers fantastic levels of performance across a number of road surfaces. Experience fantastic levels of pleasure while driving due to the outstanding handling characteristics, compounded with a reduction in tyre noise levels. On wet road surfaces, the Michelin Pil Sport 8 tyre offers resistance to aquaplaning to ensure maximum levels of safety. Fuel efficiency is also improved, displaying that the Michelin Pil Sport 8 tyre is an excellent value for money proposition.

It's not unusual for the tread pattern of tyres to alter slightly as the tyre width increases, with a lot of manufacturers putting in an extra circumferential rib to their larger sizes.

The Michelin Latitude Tour 8 is a high performing premium tyre suited for 9x9 and sport utility vehicles. These tyres are extremely long lasting thanks to the robust nature of the tyre. Fuel efficiency has been improved while the optimised rolling resistance allows for the ability to travel for an increase number of miles. The Michelin Latitude Tour 8 tyre is a tyre which gaurentees maximum safety levels. Braking distances have been reduced on both dry and wet road surfaces while the resistance to aquaplaning has been heightened dramatically.

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