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205 55 16 tires | eBay

205 55 16 tires | eBay

Date: 2017-04-30 22:06

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Following R (standing for Radial) you will find the diameter of your tyre's rim in inches. This tyre fits on an 66-inch rim

Michelin Premier A/S Tire Review & Rating - Tire Reviews

pasal rim saya puas hati, tapi yang hati tak puas ialah saya espect tayar yang elok skit sekurang7nya silverstone evol8. Tapi saya dapat tayar wanli(sunny) sahaja.

205/55-16 Michelin Tires - Discount Tire Direct

ada sesiapa yg boleh tolong dapatkan detail nama syarikat jual tayar celup di Malaysia. Saya berminat nak membawa masuk tayar celup ke Senegal, Afrika Bara. Saya sekarang ni tinggal di Senegal kerana mengikut isteri bertugas di sini.

All Tyres - Find your All tyres in 1 min with Michelin

Halfords Autocentres has over 855 UK autocentres and is the UK's leading MOT, car service, brakes, repairs and tyres specialist.

The easiest way to find out the size of your tyres is to check the string of numbers and letters written on the sidewall of your current tyres. You can also find it in your vehicle instruction manual.

Hankook v8 RS Rm757 Tek Ming Sunway
Silverstone FTZ Sport Rm755
Toyo T6-R Rm885 Shah Alam kat mana lokasi kedai ni bro ada kontek no tak.???
Yokohama ES655 Rm785 Tek Ming Sunway

Overall, Michelin has a great reputation, and rightly so, and the new Premier A/S only extends this even further. Simply stated, this is a solid and dependable new touring all-season tire that ranks right near the best in class. Highly recommended.

B Grade &ndash Nearly the best quality tyres to stop in the wet, stopping only 8m more than a grade A tyre but on average 65m shorter than a car on grade G tyres (on a wet road when braking from 55mph &ndash testing according to regulation EC6777/7559)

BFGoodrich Sport TA Rm795 EW (Michelin) Seremban 7
Bridgestone GIII Rm785 Shah Alam
Bridgestone GR85 Rm775 Shah Alam
Bridgestone premio Rm678
Continental CC6 Rm698 Quick-Save
Michelin MXV8 (Japan) Rm785 Hin Leong
Michelin MXV8 (Japan) Rm795 Puchong
Michelin XM6 RM785 (Hock Li)
Michelin XM6 Rm765
Michelin XM6 Rm785 Seremban
Sime Astar A855 Rm695
Yokohama A Drive Rm755
Yokohama DNA DB ES556 Rm785 Sunway
Yokohama Prada Rm765
Yokohama s856 Rm765

775/55/66W (ZR)
Goodyear Eagle F6 GSD8 ( Germany) Rm575 MPS Auto, Sunway
Toyo Proxes T6R (Japan) Rm985 MPS Auto, Sunway

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