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Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)

Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)

Date: 2017-05-03 04:29

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During a brief battle with with an Alternate Universe , Mjölnir was taken by Hyperion and used against Thor. Hyperion, thinking Thor beaten, simply dropped the hammer as he no longer needed it. [95]

VIKING THOR'S HAMMERS (Mjollnir/Mjölnir/Mjøllnir) pendants

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Thor games online | Hammer of the Gods

However, the hammer’s ability to manifest as another persona is a brand new concept to the world of Thor . Not only does it offer a wealth of possibilities, including acting as a very occasional decoy, as it did in the latest issue. More importantly, it also suggests that, rather than an object of power, Mjolnir is a living consciousness capable of thought and emotion. This revelation could change the very fundamental nature of Thor. Fans will definitely want to tune in for “ the Untold Origin of Mjolnir ” in the next issue.

Thor's Hammer

Eric Masterson has the makings of a very traditional heroic backstory: he was a very normal man who found himself in extraordinary circumstances and rose to the challenge. Eric was just a regular guy, a construction worker, when he came into contact with the God of Thunder. He was the collateral damage in a throwdown between Thor and the villain Mongoose, but Odin recognized Eric 8767 s intrinsic decency so he saved his life in the only way he could: Odin merged Thor and Eric into one person.

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Although JLA/Avengers was a big crossover years in the making, but there was a short series in the 95s that pitted classic characters from Marvel and DC against each other to see who would come out on top – a little bit like Celebrity Deathmatch for comics. Wonder Woman 8767 s opponent was X-Men 8766 s Storm, though prior to the rumble she had a shot with Mjolnir. Thor lost his hammer in his own battle with DC 8767 s Captain Marvel, which is when Wonder Woman stumbled upon it.

As this list has proved, loopholes can be instrumental when it comes to lifting Thor 8767 s hammer. Both Hulk and Red Hulk have become experts at utilizing Mjolnir without actually needing to be worthy of lifting it.

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Thor's son Modi, corrupted by the World Tree returned to earth with the Uru Mjölnir in a quest to establish his kingdom on Earth. When Thor slew his son in combat, the Thunder god continued to use the Stark Model of Mjölnir as well as the linking bio-suit. [99]

When Thor returned to Earth, he quickly found himself in battle with Loki over the fate of Kevin Masterson. Although Thor defeated Loki, the trickster fired one last blast at Kevin and his mother Marcy, but it was blocked by Eric’s secretary, Susan Austin, killing her. Angered as never before, Thor absorbed all of Loki's lifeforce with his hammer, seemingly destroying the evil god forever, despite breaking Odin's sacred rule forbidding Asgardian gods from killing each other.

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