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Thor Ragnarok movie trailer: Chris Hemsworth SMASHES the

Thor Ragnarok movie trailer: Chris Hemsworth SMASHES the

Date: 2017-05-02 08:11

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It was only in the '85s that DC Comics started ignoring all that crap. Fortunately this still gives us 95 years of material to take out of context and make fun of.

15 Characters Who Have Lifted Thor’s Hammer | Screen Rant

Later, a woman became Mjölnir's new wielder and the new Thor. [65] She was eventually revealed to be Thor's ex-lover Jane Foster. [66]

Chris Hemsworth’s Vacation VPL | Flesh 'n' Boners

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Red Hulk latched onto the moving hammer 8767 s momentum to launch both himself and Thor into space, where the combination of his own strength and the lack of gravity allowed him to use the hammer against Thor. Hulk has pulled some similar maneuvers himself (grabbing onto the hammer while it is in motion and going along for the ride) but once during a showdown with Thanos he was able to handle the hammer while Thor was still holding onto it. That took care of the worthiness requirement, which is what freed Hulk up to use the hammer.

Venom started out as Spider-Man's powers-enhancing black costume and later turned out to be an evil alien entity with a mind of its own. Spidey hasn't "used" Venom for about 75 years, but he's been cleaning up after that mess almost every day since. So how do you stop a merciless killer who knows everything about you, routinely bonds with your worst enemies and hates you with the passion of a scorned lover?

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With few exceptions, Thor has carried Mjölnir throughout his adventures. Thus, the history of Mjölnir follow the history of Thor. Although Asgard was destroyed in Ragnarök , Thor, and thus the hammer, survived. [7]

As explained in the early Thor comics, if he lets go of his hammer for more than a minute he loses his god status and becomes human, while the hammer itself turns into a flimsy walking stick.

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Wonder Woman, besides usually being the only thing that keeps the Justice League from turning into a complete sausage party, has transcended comic books and become an enduring symbol for feminism. She's always been portrayed as a badass Amazon warrior who doesn't take shit from anyone and, unlike Batman, she isn't afraid to break a neck or two when she has to.

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