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Thor Games - Hero Games World | Be a Hero

Date: 2017-05-02 00:53

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Jö rd was the daughter of Annar (Onar) and a giantess, named Nott ( Night ). It is very likely that Jö rd might be a giantess.

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God of light (sun), fertility and prosperity. He was also the god of rain and agriculture. Like his father and sister, Freyr was originally a Vanir deity before he became an Aesir god.

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Goddess of the earth. Jö rd (Jord or Iord) was a personification of Earth. Jö rd was also called Fjö rgyn (Fjorgyn), Hló dyn (Hlodyn) or Erda. Jö rd had been identified with the Germanic earth goddess Hertha, also known as Nerthus.

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The following Asyniur were mentioned by Snorri Sturluson in the Prose Edda. Not much else are known about these goddesses.

Like their Greek and Roman counterparts, there were three goddesses associated with fate. These three goddesses were named Urda ( past , also Urd, Weird or Wyrd), Verdani ( present ), and Skuld ( future ). The norns were descended from the Aesir. In the Voluspa , they were not given their names, but the poem did call them Fated , Becoming and Must-be.

The eldest son of Odin (his mother was the giantess Jord), Thor had humble origins. We don’t know much about his beginnings, other than that he quickly overtook his father in popularity. Whereas Odin was mysterious and favored royals and leaders, Thor was protective of not only his friends and family, but common humans as well. His wife was Sif, a goddess whom we don’t know much about, other than her having a role in the creation of his famed hammer. Thor had three children, two boys and a girl, who survived Ragnarok the Norse apocalypse and went on to help recreate the world.

Blind god. Hö d (Hod) was the son of Odin and Frigg. Hö d was the brother of Balder. He was god of winter and darkness.

Like the Greek goddess Hera, she was queen of heaven, as wife and consort of Odin. She was the mother of Balder (dying god), d (blind-god) and Hermod (herald of the gods). Though, Odin had slept with many goddesses, giantesses and mortal women, unlike Hera, Frigg was never jealous of Odin's frequent love affairs.

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