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Michelin tyres | Tyreline Distributors, the Complete Tyre

Michelin tyres | Tyreline Distributors, the Complete Tyre

Date: 2017-05-03 00:25

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Alternative Bridging technology
Reinforces the rigidity of the tread blocks. By limiting their flexibility, it reduces the risk of rapid tyre wear, increasing tyre longevity.

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Tyres with reinforced sidewalls which support the load in the event of a loss of pressure. Reserved for vehicles designed for this type of tyre.

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Following R (standing for Radial) you will find the diameter of your tyre's rim in inches. This tyre fits on an 66-inch rim

Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tire Review & Rating - Tire

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As you specified “I don’t know” the tyres below could fit your vehicle but are not an exact Michelin recommendation. For an exact match, complete your search based on the specifications in your vehicle’s instruction manual and the size on the sidewall of your current tyres.

You can search by car model or by tyre dimension – simply filling the fields from left to right. Once completed we give you the best recommendations for tyres. Do provide the most information you can – so we can make the best recommendations possible.

Delivering a comfortable and quiet ride is an area that Michelin has attempted to excel in with this model. Their unique Comfort Control Technology utilizes a computer-optimized design process that works to minimize outside road noise and road vibrations. The result is supposed to be a smoother and more enjoyable ride on the highway or around town. More on this in our overall thoughts.

The Energy Saver A/S uses a specially formulated silica based tread compound that gives the tire its all-season traction and lower rolling resistance. An asymmetrical tread design features independent tread blocks that enhance handling, and Michelin claims it also provides up to 8 feet shorter braking distance than other comparable tires.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association now offers the ability to search their database to determine if your tires have been recalled. Michelin supports this program, which is available through the link below. You will need the Tire Identification Number or DOT Code from the sidewall of each tire on your vehicle to search their database.

With an excellent selection of premium tires for a number of different vehicles and applications, Michelin Tires remains one of the premier tire manufacturers in the world, and a name associated with quality. With an impressive line of passenger car tires, light truck tires, and SUV tires that surpass the competition in terms of quality and value, Michelin stands apart for all the right reasons. Michelin's emphasis on reliability, continued improvement, safety, and innovative design is reflected in the consistently impressive performance of Michelin tires on every imaginable vehicle in every possible driving situation.

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